Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Purpose Of A Bail Hearing?

The purpose is for the court to inquire into the likelihood of the defendant reappearing at his or her criminal trial. This hearing also sets the exact amount of the bail which will be required, if granted.

Do You Get Your Money Back When You Post Bail?

If you paid cash bail to the court, meaning you paid the full bail amount, you will have that money returned to you after the defendant makes all required court appearances. ... If a defendant is found not guilty, the bond is discharged; if the defendant pleads guilty, the bond is discharged at the time of sentencing.

How Do Payment Plans Work For Posting A Bail?

There are times when a bail bondsman or bail bond company will allow an Indemnitor to establish a payment plan based off of employment, place of residence and other factors.  A bail bondsman will require a down payment to post the bond, and the indemnitor will continue to make the scheduled payments until the balance of the bail premium is paid in full.

How Long Does It Take A Case To Go To Court?

Have you ever asked yourself, how do bail bonds work? Or, how does bail work? The preliminary hearing phase of the trial usually takes place 5-6 days after an arraignment. In the case of a misdemeanor charge, the next phase of the trial is the motions and hearings phase. This usually takes about 3 months to occur but can last as long as 2 years.

What is An Indemnitor And Their Responsibilities?

The Indemnitor, along with the help of the bail agency, will make sure the defendant returns to every one of their court dates without fail.Should the defendant fail to return to court, the indemnitor will also take on the responsibility of paying additional fees, if the bail company has to hire a fugitive recovery agent to bring the defendant back to court. If the defendant cannot be located, the indemnitor will be made solely responsible to pay for the entire amount of the bail originally set by the court. If collateral was taken at the time of signing the contract, that will be used to pay towards the bond and will not be returned.

Why Should I Choose AA Dependable Bail Bonds?

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